YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ARE REALLY TRYING TO MAKE ADOCS EAT THE COST OF SLAVERY VIA BENIGN NEGLECT! Join me and my guest ADOS Chicago’s Arthur Ward as we unpack the puckery that just took place at the HR40 Hearings today 2/17/2021. You’re not going to believe the benign neglect of the Spokespersons there today – the anti-Reparationist say our Poverty is our own fault – “you’re not working hard enough”, “you don’t have Fathers in your homes”, “you don’t study hard enough”, “you’re robbing and killing each other which is far more egregious than the race soldiers executing you by Government sanction.”

And although the Pro-Reparationist can recite our heinous History in this KKKountry, they are anti-cash payments to ADOCS whom are owed $104 Trillion on the low end, plus $735 billion recurring, even though Jews, Japanese and Indians all received cash repair. Lastly, they had the unmitigated GALL to suggest our Reparations for Slavery, Jim Crow and accrued ongoing systemic racism, oppression and disadvantage in the KKKountry our Ancestors built with their lives should go to ALL POC. Reminds me of Affirmative Action meant to make ADOCS whole post-emancipation, that largely benefits white women, Immigrants and LGBTQIA. We are DONE with your Programs that give with the left hand and give away with the right! I could go on and on, but I’ll save it for the show.

Join me as I make the case for Reparations, weaponizing our vote and socializing our suffering – some more. Friday, 2/19/2021, 6p PST/8p CST/9p EST!

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