Why Comparing WNBA and NBA Salaries Isn’t Logical but Disingenuous | Dr, Rick Wallace

Dr Rick Wallace

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Why Comparing WNBA and NBA Salaries Isn’t Logical but Disingenuous | Dr, Rick Wallace

Gaslighting is definitely the appropriate term to describe what Megan Rapinoe is doing in her tweet rampage attacking Draymond Green. What Green said was not only within the bounds of appropriate speech, it was 100 percent accurate.

Anytime a masculine Black man makes an assertive statement that is unpopular among certain entitled groups (feminists, LGTBQ, etc.) he is immediate assaulted with the purpose of putting him in his place.

Business/Finance 101

In order for one to truly grasp the disingenuous intent by Megan Rapinoe and others who are pushing this narrative, you must first gain, at least, a marginal perspicacity of business, marketing, and finance

When making a salary comparison, it is important to ensure that you are comparing apples to apples. The easiest way to this is to compare salaries within the same market. The NBA and the WNBA are two distinct markets. The NBA has an annual revenue of more than $6 Billion, while the WNBA has an annual revenue max of $60 Million. This means that the NBA generates 100 times what the WNBA generates.

It is immensely misleading to place Sue Bird’s salary next to LeBron’s. They are in two distinct markets.

Furthermore, I would say that the top 100 players in the NBA have built their own personal Brands through endorsement deals, social media engagement, interviews, and more. Conversely, the average person could not name 10 players in the WNBA. You can find people who don’t even like basketball who can name 10 NBA players because they see them everywhere. That personal branding makes them more valuable to the league allowing them to negotiate better contracts.

Another thing to consider here is the fact that the WNBA has had multiple franchises in major markets fail. In my hometown of Houston, the Comets won the first four WNBA championships, but that was not enough to create enough interest to build viewership and boost ticket sales. Anyone who attending any of those games will understand some of the challenges the team faced.

Houston is in a state that is part of the Bible belt. In fact, two of the most prestigious seminaries in the country are in Dallas. The gay culture is huge in the WNBA — to the point that heterosexual players have claimed it can be unbearable for them. Imagine traditional Christian families taking their children to games to see this. I literally watched people get up and walk out in the first quarter of games. This is not an attack on gay culture, though everyone knows my take. This is simply saying why the league has not faired well in a certain market.

I believe women should be paid equally but fairly when in comparison with their male counterparts. However, this comparison has to be done within the same markets. Because both leagues are gender-exclusive, there is no comparison to be made here.

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