We pay police thugs to pepper spray Black kids and evict houseless people

Incoming / Policing the Police

On the heels of Friday’s show with the illustrious Amorous Ebony titled “Black Woman Attacked On The Streets of Harlem”, we discussed how Black women and girls are the targets of violence (and murder) by the state. Now, video has emerged of a 9 year old Black girl in Rochester, New York being pepper sprayed in the face by officers from the Rochester Police Department after they were called because the girl was allegedly having a mental health crisis. Join Kim as she discusses this incident plus another cop cruelty event in Olympia, Washington where the SWAT Team evicted houseless families from a hotel. Independent journalist Shauna Sowersby was there and she’ll be joining us to ask why there was such a heavy police response for a mass eviction, whereas armed right-wing gatherings in Olympia were met with minimal force. Plus, we’ll check in on what’s happening with the hasty re-opening of public schools, and we salute the teachers unions who are standing their ground to protect their students, their families, and themselves from an ever-worsening COVID pandemic.

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