The Will & Jada Paradox: Classism & the Emptiness of Having it All


4:29 Bro Diallo is above the fray (Biblical family values & “economic intimate pluralism”)
•9:12 Economic Polygamy (supplanting intimate filial connections with relationships of economic exchange
•14:32 How the Smiths commodified intimacy
*•18:15 the Paradox is in how they have everything & are starved for attention
19:39 The Smiths as Negroes in the Master’s house (modeling behavior & relaying information from the field to the master)
•25:31 Will Smith selling his clout & the culture to promote Western imperial Ideology
•32:14 Scholars, Artists, & the weight of the Platform
•34:27 Celebrities are not Artists (they’re salespeople; the artist is the conduit for the object being sold)
•35:54 Celebrity drama as an opportunity to educate the people & a Warning for highlife aspirants (selling out, sociopathy, affluenza, poverty, accumulation, and consumption)
46:18 Recent Smith scandal could be a publicity stunt (look out for the big project dropping soon)
50:32 We must stop claiming establishment upper-class black folk, understand what they’re selling us, be deliberate in our consumption
56:01 Recapping the Paradox & closing announcements
Breakdown by Kwadjo Danso
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