The View Tells Van Jones To “Take A Nap” For Working With Trump & Taking Pictures With Candace Owens


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CNN commentator Van Jones joined The View on Friday morning to talk about the new documentary about American “unity” he co-produced with Meghan McCain. But first, McCain’s co-host took Jones to task for crying tears of joy after Joe Biden’s win after having secretly worked with the Trump administration.

“Now Van, you do spend a lot of time threading the middle and trying to unite people,” Sunny Hostin began. “But there are those who accuse you of being a political opportunist—a chameleon, so to speak—who provided racial cover for former, disgraced, twice impeached President Trump.”

Jones smiled tensely on one side of the screen as Hostin read aloud some of the praising words he has said about Trump not getting “enough credit” for helping the Black community.

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