The Undoing Of the African American Mind: An Introduction to Cognitive Bias Reality Syndrome


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The Undoing Of the African American Mind: An Introduction to Cognitive Bias Reality Syndrome (Book Release) | Dr. Rick Wallace

During the 1960s, the world of psychology experienced a significant shift in paradigms as far as treatment methodologies are concerned. At a time in which dynamic theory was monolithic, and psychoanalysis was the predominant method of treatment, Aaron T. Beck introduced his cognitive theory[1], which focused on the power of cognitive distortions to influence perceptive reality in patients who were suffering from mental disorders, especially in the area of depression.

While the theory of cognitive dissonance preceded Beck’s cognitive theory by more than a decade, it was Beck who made the connection between erroneous and ill-advised behavior and distorted cognitions. I propose that negative cognitive distortions of African Americans (unit of analysis), which originate from a number of systematic influences, set up a dynamic process that includes an increase in interpersonal and structural violence, an inability to react in a timely fashion to patterns of threat or opportunity, and a cycle of fragmentation as a result of the first two. I present the Collective Cognitive-Bias Reality Syndrome Theory as the explanation for this behavioral phenomenon. I further propose that it is cognitive distortions that negatively impact the social mobility and functionality of African Americans in key areas, such as economic unity, education, family structure, etc.

Through establishing the direct connection between thoughts and behavioral patterns in humans, the behavior of African Americans that can be attributed to its lack of collective mobility and basic functionality will be assessed to determine their source. The method used to evaluate and develop my proposed hypothesis will be primarily exploratory/inductive — consisting of the evaluation of extant empirical data, and the clinical and social observation of contemporary African Americans — while comparing contemporary behaviors in juxtaposition to behaviors from previous generations in order to measure certain unidimensional and multi-dimensional constructs that offer an explanation for certain abstract phenomena. Ultimately, my theory suggests that poor mobility and dysfunctionality is the result of an erroneous belief system sustained by cognitive distortions that actually serve to underwrite the perpetual cycle of destructive behavior that leads to perpetual dysfunction. It is proposed that these distortions have two primary origins — White Supremacy Racism, as it is defined here, and the cyclical perpetuation of distorted views stemming from the American Slavery Experience. Additionally, during the course of my research, intergenerational trauma, and the numerous mediums through which it is transmitted, was determined to be a constant element of influence in the dysfunctionality and erroneous behavior of African Americans.

I assert that addressing the cognitive distortions of the African American collective through systematic mechanisms that have the ability to positively impact their cognitive process, the positive thought process will inherently produce behavior that will be conducive to improving the mobility and functionality among the collective group in ways that can be effectively measured, monitored and adjusted. Additionally, I will examine the origin of these cognitive distortions, while submitting a scientific-based solution that can be effectively implemented and executed.

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