The OWN Network Features Dr. Rick Wallace on The Black Family: Healing Addiction in Young Black Men!

Dr Rick Wallace

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The Sonrise Project via The OWN Network Features Dr. Rick Wallace on The Black Family: Healing Addiction & Mental Illness in Young Black Men!

The SonRise Project creator Kelli Richardson Lawson introduces Dr. Rick Wallace. He is the founder and CEO of the Visionetics Institute and uses a wide range of disciplines including neuro-linguistic programming, psychology, and cognitive behavioral therapy to help individuals thrive in every area of their lives. He is also the author of “The Undoing of the African American Mind” as well as “The Mis-education of Black Youth in America.” In this episode, Dr. Wallace explores the multiple issues plaguing the black community including systemic racism, racial trauma, poverty, and collective biases. Dr. Wallace also talks about the restoration of the black family nucleus and the critical role it plays in personal development, especially its youth. He says functional family dynamics are essential and can be a powerful force for healing from addiction and mental illness. While one may not get everything they need from a traditional family. No one has to be alone in the process. It’s possible to expand the inner circle to include friends, teachers, mentors, and professionals who are willing to facilitate healing, growth, and expansion of one’s potential.

Listen to the podcast here:

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