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The Latest Covid-19 Update — Predictability and Fallout

A synopsis of Mayor Turner’s Latest Press Conference Concerning Covid-19

⚠️UPDATE⚠️ Mayor Turner held a press conference today to provide an update on the impact of the Cioronoavirus in Houston and strategies that the City has adopted and implemented.

🙋🏽‍♀️In case you missed it, I’ve summarized some of the issues discussed for you with important highlights below:

• The Mayor’s Office provided new data/ numbers evidencing which demographic is contracting COVID-19 at the highest rates.

•As of today, the City has 286 positive tests (2 fatalities) COH has completed 232 positive tests. The population breakdown is as follows:

47% female 43% male
4% age 0-19
11% age 20-29
15% age 30-39
20% age 40-49
16% age 50-59
17% age 60-69
7% age 70-79
4% age 80-89
1.1% age 90-99

•Millennials, people who are middle-aged, and people under 60 years of age, are contracting the virus at a high rate. Combined, these younger populations now account for more COVID-19 infections than people between the ages of 60 and over.

•The City is working with FEMA, CDC and other agencies to expand testing. The federal government has agreed to provide supplies to accommodate 250 tests, per site, per day

•Shanghai, China is sending 1200 n-95 masks and 20000 kn-95 masks to the City. These donations are in addition to private market PPE purchases by the City of HOUSTON.

•At this time, the City is underutilized for hospital beds and ventilators

•If necessary, the former Kindred Hospital facility in the Heights, which closed, earlier this year. This location currently has 68 beds available (21 ICU) at the capability to expand to 100 beds if the City needed them as overflow.

• The city of Houston is working to build capacity now to ensure that the medical system will not be overwhelmed.

•On Wednesday, April 2, 2020, Houston City Council will vote to enter into lease agreements with 2 hotels (180 rooms) for first responders, city employees, and the homeless population. The rooms will be used for Quarantine purposes.

⚠️Houston Police Department ⚠️ 👮🏽‍♀️🚓UPDATE

~11 police officers have tested positive (1 hospitalized)

~HPD will be enforcing the current stay-at-home order with citations for those who refuse to comply. Noted that there are still some people gathering and socializing in large numbers and refusing to practice social distancing. Those types of violators will receive citations.

~HPD has changed it’s policy. Offices will now be wearing in 95 mask and gloves to avoid COVID-19 infection

~call volume has been reduced, there is a downward trend on crime (domestic violence and assaults slightly up

~They currently still have a 100% capacity to respond to emergencies 🚓🆘🏚

⚠️Houston Fire Department⚠️ 👩🏽‍🚒🔥UPDATE

-5 firefighters have tested positive (no hospitalizations)

– First responders are assuming all people may be infected and are taking additional precautions in responding to medical emergencies

-Asking the public to tell 991 operators if there is anyone in the home with symptoms

-call volume is flat

-They currently still have a 100% capacity to respond to emergencies 🚒🏥



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