The Dr. Vibe Show™: Galen Bingham “The Need For Self Development During These Uncertain Times”


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Recently, Galen was live on our show talking about “The Need For Self Development During These Uncertain Times”.

During our conversation, Galen talked about:

– Some of his background
– What and who put him on the leadership journey
– Some great tips to be a successful leader and manager
– One of his first major YASSS’s!!!! in his leadership journey
– Now being the time for companies to do more self development and training of their employees and this being the same for individuals
– A reason why companies don’t want to invest in employee training
– If companies or individuals are responding better to 2020
– The importance of curiosity in the process of self-development
– Some of the opportunities that Galen is providing or is part involving self-development (Collab Lab, Kiln Global & Consulting,
– Some of the core challenges that clients come to him with
– The importance of clarity when if comes to self-development
– A little bit of Ann McNeil (President of the International Mastermind Association)
– His business growing in 2020
– Kiln Global Leadership Academy launching on October 2, 2020 and how it became a reality

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