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The Brown Liquor Report, February 3, 2017

The Brown Liquor Report presents Black Now. A new way to engage our listeners with fresh perspectives on current events, pressing news, and strategic planning for the apocalypse. It’s a concentrated dose of our classic format on the black-hand side with more liquor-infused humor.

We’re kicking off this newness with a series of dope guests discussing some great topics. First up is B Fierce. A Philly born and D.C. made Libra Enchantress. Her talents include competitive bougieness, swirling red wine while judging others, and making waffles. She is a classically trained hedonist and mother of two. She joined us as we discussed relationships in the age of Trump. This is a great introduction to, “Black Now”. We had a ball and still managed to inform thepeople. Stay tuned! #DontStopListenListen #BLRpresentsBlackNow #PodcastsInResistance #PodcastsInColor #RedCupRatchet #MelinatedMedia



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