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Revue (The Poet)- Lazy Memory (single)

From: Glass Ceiling: The Album available on bandcamp https://revue1.bandcamp.com/album/glass-ceiling-the-album

My Feelings on Current Rap Music

I get it. Rap music is the pulse of the people. But lately, it seems more like drugs, sex,rock and roll and nothing in between. Im hoping for a Little Brother album, a Phonte solo album, some Oddisee. Or anything else with something more in it. Can I get an album with a woman’s perspective on something other than what they talk about? How many more songs about hating hoes and bitches can a person write about? Really? For women, it seems like the only thing people will listen to is how she is in bed, how she handles her man in bed, and what she does in bed, while shaking off other women who might want her man. Thats it. 😑 🥱 I guess the thing that brought on these feelings was me watching Rhyme and Reason on Netflix a few days ago. I got depressed because it seems like a lot of new mus...