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Special Edition: Domestic Terrorism, Mental Health, and Race?

“If RACIST WHITE TERRORIST that murder with guns is a MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE is the GUN VIOLENCE in BLACK communities a mental health issue too?” -Cher’Don Reynolds

On this SPECIAL EDITION Monday night show we attempt to answer this question with guest co-host CHER’DON REYNOLDS and CERTIFIED CLINICAL TRAUMA COUNSELORS, ANISHA COOPER, LPC & ROSEHLL HANSE LAPC.   When WHITE PEOPLE commit murder even an egregious act as MASS SHOOTING, the media often ask empathetic questions in regards to the MENTAL HEALTH of the perpetrator and rarely ever labels them a TERRORIST.  Why are AFRICAN-AMERICANS involved in GUN VIOLENCE typically seen as unredeemable menace to societies? How does this seemingly double standard play out in the BLACK COMMUNITYMENTAL DIALOGUE asking the questions America’s afraid to ask.  ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU THINK

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