Smollett Is a Victim — Of LIBERALS | LeBron & Stephen A. Smith Tussle with Michelle Beadle | Ep 107


As the Jussie Smollett trial winds down, Whitlock takes a look at the big picture around the hate crime hoax accusations. Why is the “Empire” actor actually a victim — not of right-wingers — but of the racist ideology of the Left? “Fearless” contributor Shemeka Michelle compares Jussie to Shaun King and Colin Kaepernick. Joy Pullmann, executive editor at “The Federalist,” explains why a religious liberty case in Finland could have devastating repercussions in America. Steve Kim and T.J. Moe make their picks for the Heisman race. Can Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson take home the trophy? They also examine former ESPN personality Michelle Beadle’s accusations against LeBron James and Stephen A. Smith. On “Tennessee Harmony,” Pastor Anthony examines the Deion Sanders/Brittany Renner story from a biblical perspective. Plus, Uncle Jimmy explains why Stephen Curry breaking the 3-point shot record will be epic.

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