Recovery of Black Business in America — It’s NOT Over: Interview with Cedric Muhammad

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Black businesses in America were hit hardest from COVID-19 and that impact is far from over. The statistics paint a grim picture, but we know our community is far more than data points or studies. So, what ARE the solutions for Black entrepreneurs? Join Ureeka Co-founder, Melissa Bradley as she sits down with experts Tene Dolphin, Cedric Muhammad, Wole Coaxum and Camille Nisich to explore the path forward in this Ureeka exclusive mini-series: Recovery of Black Business in America — It’s NOT over.

Cedric Muhammad is an economist whose clients range from Wall Street to first time entrepreneurs. He has advised members of The United States Congress and Heads of State. Cedric was also the GM of Wu-Tang Management. He is a member of the African Unions congress of African economists and the author of the “Entrepreneurial Secret” book series.

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