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Queen & Slim The Movie: What Say You? pt. 2

QUEEN & SLIM did you Love it or hate it, seems to be the unique dynamic of LENA WAITHE’S (writer) film starring JODIE TURNER SMITH, as Queen, and DANIEL KALUUYA as Slim. Special guest co-host, SOUL SCRIBE, returns to continue PART 2 of our dialogue after Thursday night’s special edition MD POP UP show on the movie (part 1), featuring Ashley Johnson-Alford (activist) and Clarence Rickett III (spoken word artist).  We want to open up the phone lines as we explore the various themes this movie touched on whether you LOVED IT or HATED IT: or have no interest in seeing it.  CALL-IN and #GIVEUSYOUR3CENTS on the things you liked/disliked or why you refused to see it.  Some think it has the potential to be an all-time classic, while others said it was trash. WHAT SAY YOU?  MENTAL DIALOGUE asking the questions America’s afraid to ask. ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU THINK

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