PLO Lumumba l Abraham Tiro 5th Memorial Lecture


PLO Lumumba delivers a speech on the 8th day of December 2017 for Tiro Abraham’s 5th Memorial Lecture.
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Abraham Tiro was laid to rest on 1st February 1974 while he was 28 years old. PLO Lumumba was only in standard 7 when he heard about Tiro. Tiro’s legacy is marked by monumental milestones.
PLO Lumumba recognizes other great leaders such as Albert Luthuli, Nelson Mandela, Stephen Biko, Walter Sisulu, Albertina Sisulu, Ahmed Kathrada, Desmond Tutu and many more.
PLO Lumumba continues to add that Tiro Abraham didn’t die in vain.
On 29th April 1972, Abraham Tiro delivered a speech at the University of the North when he asked questions such as; Do we have a fair deal? What is the value of education if not connected to Africa?
Several years later, the questions are valid.
PLO Lumumba asks if there is still a possibility of apartheid in education, hospitals, public sector, economic setup, etc in South Africa and Africa?
He adds that the continent still knows pain, hunger, famine, conflicts, discrimination and under-development.
PLO Lumumba asks, “Are we children of a lesser God?”
“Tiro never died because soldiers never die”
He states that Africa claims to be free but what are they free from?
Africa is waking up and should stay awake.
PLO Lumumba’s message to Abraham Tiro,
“When we remember you, who was born and died young and violently, died a good death. The death of brave men.”



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