Adofo Minka

People will believe what they will, but they cannot say truthfully that reality was not presented to them by Adofo Minka

I want no parts of the fraud of a Black world that will yell Black, Black, Black and wrap itself in all of the outward adornments of African cultureonly to preside over the killing and mass incarceration of working class and poor Black people.

You have to be extremely racially insecure and without any ethics to identify with and cheer on such black rulers who preside over the degradation and death of the vast majority of Black people.

Through my own political experiences and development I’ve come to discover that most of you have no problem with such exploitative and murderous regimes. You do this because all many of your politics will allow you to see or the bloody jawed wolf when the sly fox waits patiently to devour you. Many make excuse after excuse as to why such nonsense should be supported.

You identify with capitalism and the state two incestuously intertwined institutions that are causing mass destruction and death. You seek to enter the rules of hierarchy and domination. I do not.

I take the principled position that Malcolm took at the Oxford Union Debate on December 3, 1964. He said, “I for one will join in with anyone, no matter what color you are. As long as you want to bring an end to this miserable condition that exists on this Earth.” This is the Malcolm that racially insecure and unethical negroes don’t ever quote. They condemn white people who are genuinely for revolution, but will make peace with their oppressors, the white elites, if they throw them fat back and biscuits. They love to call whatever blood money the white rich provide reparations as justification for making a peace treaty with those who are they claim are their enemies.

From now on I’m bringing the Excalibur out on your unscrupulous and unprincipled people. It is going to be freedom for everybody or freedom for nobody. All forms of domination must be opposed without exception. Those who preside over institutional racism in the name of some kind false Black empowerment cannot be spared. Those who place property over the lives of ordinary people should be condemned. I don’t care how Black or radical they claim to be.

We’ve exposed the fraud of what has masqueraded as some type radical project in Jackson. It does not exist, but people are hell bent on believing the fairy tales that make them feel good. If all you want to do is feel good, go right ahead and feel good as the Black-led police state conquers and kills you. Feel good as you see people talk about Freeing the Land as so many Black people go homeless. People will believe what they will, but they cannot say truthfully that reality was not presented to them.


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