Pantsula Podcast Ep. 28: Capitalism And Color Revolutions

The Diaspora

On this episode of the Pantsula Podcast, All-African People’s Revolutionary Party organizers Evan and jamilah discuss the subject of how color revolutions are inspired and presented by capitalism.

The ancestors honored in this episode are Gloria Richardson and Baba Abdusshahid Luqman.


•“How to Spot a Color Revolution” by Luna Oi 
• “From Dictatorship to Democracy” and “The Politics of Nonviolent Action”- Gene Sharp
• “The Failure of Nonviolence: From the Arab Spring to Occupy” – Peter Gelderloos
• “The Revolution Will Not Be Funded” – INCITE! • “Smash Pacifism” by Gord Hill
• “The Face of Imperialism” by Michael Parenti
• “Guaido and Wong – The New Generation of Pro-West “Saints” – Andre Vltchek
• “C.I.A. Color Revolutions”- Javier Castro
• A-APRP statement on neocolonialism: 
• “Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA” – Tim Weiner
• “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” – John Perkins
• “Killing Hope” – William Blum
• “Wyclef Jean For President Of Haiti?  Look Beyond The Hype”, Charlie Hinton (San Francisco Bay View)

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