Obama’s Change = Tear Down America? | Kanye Sings for Gang Leader | Whitlock Ticks Off NYC | Ep 111


As ignorant celebrities like LeBron James and Kanye West spout off about criminal justice reform, Whitlock looks at the real motives behind the “change” obsession in the corporate media. When all the powerful elites — from Barack Obama to the NFL itself — use terms like “inspire change,” what are they really trying to accomplish? “Fearless” columnist Delano Squires explains why Kanye and Drake are supporting a gang leader like Larry Hoover. How does the story of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner tie into that headline? Steve Kim gives a prediction on the surging L.A. Rams and the struggling Baltimore Ravens. As Stephen Curry attempts to break the three-pointer record in New York City, what is the legacy of Madison Square Garden? Plus, Uncle Jimmy and Jason speculate on their chances with Steph’s mom?

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