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MOVE Children Deserve to Rest in Peace

MOVE Children Deserve to Rest in Peace

On a Move. On April 21, 2021 author Abdul-Aliy Muhammad wrote an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer breaking the story of Penn and Princeton have held the remains of 1985 MOVE bombing victims  #TreeAfrica and #DelishaAfrica without permission. Since then it has been a whirlwind of action, additional reports, and discovery as more information about the depth of the injustice at the hands of these institutions continues to be brought to light. In this episode, Mike is joined by his father, former political prisoner Mike Africa Sr., and the person who broke the story Abdul-Aliy Muhammad to discuss what they know so far, what has happened since the story came out, and just how they’re feeling knowing that their MOVE family members are still not at peace. 

MOVE’s demands are as follows:

  1. The immediate return of the remains of Delisha Africa and Tree Africa to The MOVE Family.
  2. An immediate apology by the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, the Penn Museum, and Coursera to The MOVE Family and the Black community of Philadelphia for this racist and abhorrent behavior.
  3. Financial reparations to The MOVE Family for the continued harm and trauma caused by Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, the Penn Museum, and Coursera, for the profits made by the use of our relatives as teaching tools and research objects.
  4. The termination of Janet Monge from her role as curator at the Penn Museum and faculty in the department of anthropology.
  5. The creation of a transparent, public investigation led by a MOVE-approved investigator and funded by the Universities, into how these remains ended up in the Museum’s possession over the past 35 years.

We need everyone’s help to make sure this doesn’t fade into the background. Sign the petition, share all the posts, share this podcast. Make sure everyone keeps fighting so that Tree and Delisha can finally rest in peace

If you want to connect with Abdul-Aliy Muhammad you can find them on Twitter @MxAbdulAliy


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