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Morning fam, Woke up to being tagged in this post…

Morning fam,
Woke up to being tagged in this post… Again, St. Louis is in the news, again, negative… and again, the result of incompetent leadership, lack of vision, critical thinking and problem solving skills required to tackle issues in the region… The conditions at the workhouse are a prime example.

Regional leaders have had years to tackle conditions, as recent as 2019 aldermen did a walkthrough calling it “This Place Is Hell”. A lot of hoopla ensued, elected leaders exploited the issue, political candidates made a lot of promises, nonprofits jumped out front and center and protesters took to the street demanding change… then what happened is what always happens. The protest movement chose to ‘work with’ the wolves guarding the henhouse who pretend promised to close the Workhouse… And did not see the play. They never see the play.

We’re approaching a decade post Ferguson, the same party/powers that be that sabotaged the Ferguson Commission are in position derailing every issue this movement has mobilized against from high violent crime/record murders to jail reform using nonprofits like the Urban League/BFL/OBS and ‘first blacks’, black girl magic and black faces in high places like Kim Gardner, Rasheen Aldridge and Bruce Franks.

Things have not gotten better, things have gotten considerably worse, which is what happens when the bar for black representation is simply black asses in seats.

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