Morning fam / Nyota Uhura

Morning fam, What’s the gameplan?

Morning fam,
What’s the gameplan? When we know better, we do better, right? Now we know better. We know the Dem Party to be everything Malcolm warned. We know how the black misleadership class is used to rally us to vote against our own interests and get nothing in return. We know the contempt the white establishment Dem machine has for black people, including these tap dancing, water carrying negro leaders Joe Biden chastised in zoom call for the word to see, shattering any illusion they matter. What is the plan now?
The world is changing. The political landscape is changing. We are living in historic times. This is not politics as usual.
I know you wanna bury your heads in the sand, pretend this isn’t happening… but it is. I cautioned about this day, it was only a matter of time. We are not prepared for what is coming, most don’t even recognize what time it is.
Lines are being drawn, alliances are being formed, battles are being fought… it’s going down out in the open. All you see is Trump.

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