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Morning fam, What I tell you about the premature celebrations?

Morning fam,
What I tell you about the premature celebrations? Again, this ish is far from over, in fact it’s barely begun and 85% of negros who voted for Jim Crow Joe and Top Cop Kamala are about to find themselves lost in the sauce, victims of their own fear and emotions exploited by the Democrat Party and reinforced by the mainstream media. The left has been stroking these fears since the day Trump blindsided them by defeating Hillary with the support of half of those who voted, support that has increased, not decreased and now includes Latinos, black men and yes, even black women.
The Dem response? More vitriol and continued lashing out at anyone who dares exercise free will and moves in ways independent of the party. And of anyone who isn’t going along with this rushed and suspect attempt to anoint Jim Crow Joe and Top Cop Kamala despite lack of transparency or any explanation about how Trump’s huge lead and path to reelection was hindered by a late night flurry of activity and a sudden influx of suspect mail in ballots in a handful of states in Democrat controlled counties… with every single ballot in some counties for Joe Biden, enough to overturn the will of voters in each swing state in which Biden was leading. Did I fail to mention, this supposed comeback began after these counties stopped counting the votes and told us they would resume in the morning only to have us wake up in the morning to hundreds of thousands of suspect votes for Joe Biden giving him the lead in every swing state.
Imagine if the shoe were on the other foot… if Biden was leading, then Republicans stopped the vote, told us they would reconvene in the morning to wake up and Trump was leading in every swing state due to mail in ballots received in the cloak of darkness… the Dem Party, left leaning media and all these mammy surrogates would be crying foul, say that Trump was attempting a coup and demand an audit of every vote tallied, possibly even a do-over calling for the whole election to be invalidated. And this without even taking under consideration overwhelming evidence of voter irregularities. The same folks that are vilifying Trump for doing exactly what they would do if the shoe were reversed.
Dems are so used to imposing their will on voters without penalty, even their own as we saw in the last 2 presidential election cycles when they robbed Bernie of the nomination and went to court to argue they had a right to cheat, sabotage and corrupt the Democrat primary process… they think they can employ the same tactics against Trump, but what they’re about to find out is Trump isn’t Bernie. He doesn’t have to concede, he has options under the Constitution and is well within his rights to explore every single one of them. “The process”, remember. The same is true for Joe Biden.
But what Dems and the left who are circling around Trump like vultures salivating at the idea of feasting upon his political dead corpse are overlooking in their rush to delcare ‘mission accomplished’, is unlike Biden, Trump is president and as president he took an oath to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” … and a case could be made that even the appearance of voter fraud and attempt to influence election results would allow, no demand a response from not only candidate Trump, but President Trump who does not need permission to take whatever action deemed appropriate to stop the threat. Keep telling y’all there are much bigger forces at play. Trump ain’t trying to win this in the court of public opinion, with the cards he has in his hand, he isn’t the least bit concerned about media pushback.
While Dems have negros dancing in the streets to give the illusion of a Biden victory, Republicans are pushing this narrative, circling the wagons, lining up their ducks in row and getting rid of anybody that ain’t down with the program, even their own.
Trust and believe Dems did not see this coming. They thought the illusion of a series of huge Biden comebacks, a lazy or complicit media buffered by negros dancing in the streets would be enough to pressure Trump… and/or Republicans to pressure Trump to concede. What they failed to anticipate, was the masses who crossed over and voted for Republican candidates resulting in Republican gains and Democrat loses in the House… incentive for Republican leadership to support Trump without fearing retribution.
It’s lookin more like the grave Dems dug for Trump may end up being their own…

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