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Morning fam, What a diff a coupla weeks makes…

Morning fam,
What a diff a coupla weeks makes. A lil over 2 weeks ago negros were dancing in the streets celebrating what they were bamboozled into believing was ‘the lesser evil’ and return of neoliberalism embracing the failed policies over the past 30+ years that produced Trump. Negros consumed by fear and the thought of another 4 years of blatant in your face racism were crying and singing the praises of the most anti-black ticket since the civil rights era. They would have praised Robert Byrd if they thought that would take us back to the days of polite, covert bigotry.
What I tell ya then? That it wasn’t over. When the major media outlet called it for Biden, what did I tell you? That it wasn’t over. When they made that big production about Stacey Abrams supposedly turning Georgia blue, what did I tell you? It wasn’t over. I can go on and on, not to brag… This isn’t about me being right, its about making you aware of what is to come so we can strategize and prepare… stay on our square. This doesn’t end with Trump, it exacerbates.
The Democrat Party ain’t gonna save you, it’s too busy trying save itself. Having Trump as a common enemy united various factions within the party. Just the though of life after Trump has them all at each other’s throats… they’re so busy pointing fingers, trying to deflect from election losses and jockeying for position, they don’t see Trump doing a 180. Republicans do, that’s why they’re backing him.
The political landscape is changing.



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  1. And there will be no tangibles for Black people. The most we can expect is to get more of us locked up by different means. That, and shot by more cops without accountability given.

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