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Morning fam, We’re in the final days, literally…

Morning fam,
We’re in the final days, literally. Watching all sides scramble in the latest ‘election of our lifetime’, which is supposed to be very different from the last several election of our lifetimes between the 2 parties… because of Trump.
Because of Trump, we’re supposed to forgive, forget and absolve Biden for a 47 year record of shitting on black people, for the 1994 Crime Bill responsible for mass incarceration, increased poverty and the breakdown of the black family unit, for saying he was against integration because he didn’t want his children going to school in an urban jungle. We’re supposed to forgive shaming like “If you don’t vote for me you ain’t black” and intimidation tactics like “They’re gonna put you back in chains”. We’re suppose to overlook all that because Trump won’t play the game and make us feel good. Look at all the shit we accept from Dems because they make us feel good in the process: systemic racism in Dem run & controlled cities, failing schools, blighted communities, police brutality and economic neglect… not only do we accept it all, negros are turning out in record numbers to vote for more. We’re not gonna move forward by going backwards and embracing neoliberalism.
Dems have really run a number on us… their agenda is to keep us feeling defeated, powerless and completely dependent on them to save us, when they are who we need saving from. And no, that doesn’t mean leaving one plantation for another. The solution isn’t looking for solutions in Dems or Republicans, but in weaponizing our politics/ leveraging our votes while creating alternatives, independent of both parties. As one of many tactics.
The fact that so many educated and woke folks don’t get this is speaks to the political miseducation of those who are supposed to know better. This is why I focus on leaving breadcrumbs for those coming behind me rather than trying to teach old dogs new tricks. These old dogs still don’t get how we went from Obama, the first ‘black’ president to Trump an open bigot. Reducing it to ‘payback for the first black president’ overlooks Obama’s many, many, many, many, many miscues, shortcomings & failures and other contributing factors in the Dem Party and DNC, none of which have been acknowledged or addressed. A Biden presidency won’t make these issues suddenly go away, it will exacerbated them because Dems will won’t have a Republican administration to blame, use as a buffer or to rally folks to fight against. We already saw life with Dems controlling it all during a crisis… and what did Obama do? He squandered the opportunity to push a processive agenda and instead bailed out Wall Street, pushed the same failed neoliberal policies and advocated for every group except black people. A Biden presidency, with or without a Dem House and Senate will be no different. Biden is already looking to add Republicans to his cabinet. Either way, we end up with Republicans, be it Trump, an X factor or Biden who will simply return us to neoliberalism and failures that opened the door for Trump.


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