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Morning fam, Up early trying to get some of these local posts that are piling up on me out of the way.

Morning fam,
Up early trying to get some of these local posts that are piling up on me out of the way. As usual, mostly bad, but this time with a few feel good stories and this so random from Cori Bush that is evidence of which side she’s on, given the hardships people here are going through…. A holiday movie? Really? People don’t know if they’ll have a roof over their heads and she’s concerned about a movie. There’s this thing called covid, studios are shut down… hello?
The problem with Cori and the other activists/protesters turned elected leaders is they are not ready. They can recite slogans, but they have no knowledge of how to create and pass the policies we need. They have no agenda and simply mimic the words of establishment Dems, black misleaders or in Cori’s case her white progressive handlers.
Every since she beat Clay it’s been the Cori Bush Show… no talk about tangibles, no black agenda and what, a vague tweet about reparations being somehow attached to marijuana. What constituents get instead? A variety of issues progressives are trying to lump into our struggle under the guise of fighting racial justice. Plenty of tweets about her hips, curves, hair, thrifting, her insecurities and life as a single mom… all great if voters signed up for the Cori Bush show, but they didn’t, they signed up for representation an once again got a political novice that thinks representation is being the lead cheerleader, cheering as the bottom falls out…
People have no patience. Any patience had was squandered on waiting for Bruce and Rasheen to get it. They never did, Bruce ended up a victim of his own ego, by the time he realized the play it was too late and his replacement Rasheen continues to play the drum major role marching this movement into every single trap set. Every. Single. One.
None of them are equipped with the know how, experience or skillsets needed to lead during these uncertain times, let alone ability to build the coalitions needed to get things done. Things are going to get worse, even without COVID our median worth by 2053 is predicted to be ZERO. That is our most pressing issue, along with covid, systemic racism and all the other isms… not seeing a thick sista in a holiday movie. We don’t need diversity or to be entertained, Nelly and Jayson Tatum got that on lock, we need black centered solutions that address the condition of black people. This ain’t it.

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