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Morning fam, Those who ‘get it’ and who understand the significance of these times are moving accordingly.

Morning fam,
Those who ‘get it’ and who understand the significance of these times are moving accordingly. Those who don’t are trapped in a cycle of illusion, deluding themselves to the realities at hand. Biden, Harris and the Democrat Party couldn’t have said it more clearer… they said it to our faces, Kamala laughed as she said she wouldn’t do anything specifically for black people and negros are still to this day still trying to keep hope alive.

Black girl magic and Black Lives Matter have fizzed out, both having been exposed as manufactured movements designed to rally black people, specifically black women using identity politics to serve as work mules for every other group/interest/issue, to organize and rally against the collective and our own interests.

Both are completely missing in action. Stacey Abrams? Ghost. Keisha Lance Bottoms? Ghost. The founders of BLM? Ghost, facing ongoing scandal and calls for transparency and accountability of what has been estimated as high as $10 billion raises since the George Floyd protests, not to mention hundreds of millions pledged and donated during Ferguson. All of which Darren Seals and I exposed, during Ferguson, all of which fell on deaf ears, willful ignorance and indifference of those speaking out today. Nobody had a problem until the gravy train jumped the track for them, now they’re coming out the woodworks.

Not surprisingly, more seem to take offense that they didn’t get a cut, than the fact that monies raised was exploited off black death, pain and trauma, that money went to Act Blue to fund Democrat candidates and issues or was used to sabotage the real black grassroot… all business as usual for BLM, no, none of that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, it was the fact they didn’t get their cut. If BLM had broken them off, thrown a lil som their way we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

We weren’t having it when they all thought they were getting paid.

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