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Morning fam, This shit is escalating. I warned this would happen and cautioned about any premature celebrations thinking your candidate won

Morning fam,
This shit is escalating. I warned this would happen and cautioned about any premature celebrations thinking your candidate won. Told you this wasn’t over. Told you this was bigger than Trump. Told you there is evidence of vote dumps, anomalies, irregularities and statistical improbabilities the would have to be explained beyond ‘human error’ and glitches that all favored Biden if any of what is building up was to be avoided.

Trump may be the messenger, but again bigger than Trump. This is about the ‘integrity’ of the voting process, an issue that only impacts Trump, the GA Senate runoff but every election in the country moving forward. This should of concern, especially y’all voteps and ‘my ancestors died for my right to vote negros’. What is being alleged may explain why voting doesn’t work for us and why the same failed leaders are ‘voted in’ time and time again.

A lot of y’all are reactionary, so in your feelings about Trump, you don’t see or care how this will impact us moving forward. A lot of ya’all are pretending not to see and burying your heads in the sand thinking this will all go away. This is not going away, if anything it will get worse and turn into a constitutional crisis… and of all the options, that’s the best case scenario. We’re not ready for the worst case scenario. Words like insurrection, treason and secession are being thrown out. Go ahead and laugh… make light. Memba when I warned about Black Lives Matter? Predicted Trump over Hillary? Was one of the first to talk about COVID? Y’all made light each time too. If I would have told you this time last year we would be dealing with a global pandemic, lockdowns, entire industries shutting down, the loss of 50% of black businesses, massive layoffs/evictions and that armed protesters would take over the protests you would have laughed at that too, yet look at where we are. Nothing is off the table fam, nothing, which is what makes these dangerous times. And during these times EVERYBODY is suspect, we have no allegiance to anyone but ourselves.

The last time this country was in this position, we were slaves who didn’t have a say… we had to accept whatever was imposed upon us. There are forces today including the Dem Party, mainstream media and social media that are still trying to impose and control what/how we think. Trump is the wall that stands between them and us. They been so fixated on Trump the last four years they haven’t been able to fuck with us… not like they normally do. Remove Trump, we’re back in the scope.

They bamboozled a lot of you into running from the growling wolf into the mouth of the sly smiling fox. Biden and Harris are not even in and they’re already showing their true colors. Obama is already showing his true colors. Pelosi stays showing her true colors.

When you don’t know history, you’re destined to repeat it. This has happened before fam, with Lincoln. Democrats. With mail in ballots. And when that didn’t work he was assassinated.
Blindly supporting and showing allegiance given everything we experienced at the hands of the Democrat Party is no longer an option, unfortunately that’s all some of you know.
Weigh the evidence, yes fam you’re gonna have to come out of your comfort zone, read, research and review the election data… being informed is no longer optional. If you can’t or are not willing to put in the work, support voices like mine that are bringing the information to you.
Its easy to shoot the messenger, but who should be in your scope are black leaders, who once again didn’t see shit coming. Black leaders who even in the midst of a national crisis brewing are silent or misleading… or making light, posting emojis and talking about thrifting, braids and holiday movies. And black leaders who put party before the collective.
I warned the day would come when black leaders would have to decide where their loyalties lie, with the Dem Party or the black collective. Well that day is today. Either analyze the data, reach an educated conclusion and tell us the truth or play this game Dems are playing and suffer the consequences.

We’re done with plantation politics as evidenced by the low voter turnout among the young black vote this election cycle. Just know, regardless of who wins we will continue weaponizing our politics and leveraging our votes.
And we are coming for you.

New Black Politics

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