Nyota Uhura

Morning fam, This is what happens when you have overseers, not leaders, they’ll have you working to put out the fire, save massa and the plantation instead of escaping and running for freedom.

Morning fam,
History is repeating itself. The last time this country was at this point we were slaves. We didn’t have a say, we were forced to fight against our interests, to defend the Union which considered us 3/5ths a human being or for white slavemasters. Today that same battle is playing out, we have a say, yet are still fighting against our best interests, defending the party of mass incarceration, destruction of the black family and black community imposed on us as a lesser evil instead of seizing the moment to flee the plantation while they’re preoccupied fighting ‘the greater evil’. This is what happens when you have overseers, not leaders, they’ll have you working to put out the fire, save massa and the plantation instead of escaping and running for freedom.

Because we’ve never been in this situation, most of us are misreading this historical moment. We naively think this is about Trump being Trump, the left has us fixated, cheering… trolling. While we’re being entertained by the season finale, they launched a full out attack on transparency in elections, they’re dismantling freedom of speech and our right to question. They’re imposing lockdowns to make you more dependent on them. And forced vaccinations. All under the guise of keeping us safe.

They anointed themselves the vanguard of truth and morality silencing dissent and coming for anyone who dare challenge. And they used your hatred of Trump to get you to cosign it all. In a few weeks Trump will be out of office, but guess what? All this will still be in play with one huge diff, there won’t be any opposition, they will be able to push through any agenda no matter how unpopular and there won’t be any debate, let alone anyone to stop them.

Midterms? 2024 election? The 2020 election and GA Senate runoff killed what little credibility our electoral process had left after decades of both parties sabotaging the vote… THAT is what prompted the Capitol protests, not Trump. People can take a loss, but what they won’t accept is rule changes, the vote count stopped in the middle of the night and unverified/unauthenticated random mail in ballots. They will not accept any party circumventing duly elected state legislatures who represent ‘the people’ in order to change the rules to give themselves an advantage. That is not democracy… and its very telling watching negro leaders who exploited our ancestors and tried to shame us into voting reject calls for election integrity… especially when our ancestors died for the right to vote, right?

They don’t want you focused on the original wrong. They want you focused on the response that went down at the Capitol They want us to be buffers protecting them from white folks raging against the machine. They want you to hate their freedom, the boldness of their whiteness and the imagery of them walking around the Capitol like they owned it… not because of ws or they give a damn about us, but because they’re coming for them. And they need us to be a buffer, the frontline of defense. These are the same folks that minimize your blackness and limit your freedoms. We shouldn’t be trolling these folks, we should be taking notes on how to fight a common enemy.

This whole play on emotions, “See, if it were y’all the response would have been different”… but what they fail to tell you is they dictate the response. Democrats control police, Dem governors calling in the national guard. Dem mayors, aldermen and councils militarizing the police. Obama, a Democrat president, the ‘first black’ president that set the tone for how black protesters would be treated by calling us thugs.

Democrats are doing and have done everything they accuse Trump and the right of doing with your blessing. Who do you think they’re gonna come for next?

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