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Morning fam, Surface level thinking, performance disguised as leadership and low information negros are gonna be our demise

Morning fam,
Surface level thinking, performance disguised as leadership and low information negros are gonna be our demise. Ion care who this offends, some things need to be said. Given our condition I don’t have the luxury of being concerned about egos or stepping on toes. Plantation politics have been proven disastrous for black people. Neoliberalism, even more. Look at our communities. Look at the destruction of our families. It took decades to rid ourselves of the grip of neoliberalism and just like that negro leaders from the top down, from Obama and Jim Clyburn to local leaders helped Jim Crow Joe and Kamala Harris usher it back in and set us back decades. That should be one of our takeaways from this election, not rooting against the one thing that is standing between us and them.
The masses don’t ‘get this’ because for so long black politics has been performance, showing out and doing what white liberals say. Don’t let the fact that they cry racism whenever they don’t get their way fool you. Every single black Democrat leader answers to party and in every urban area in Amerikkka, whiteness controls the party. Malcolm warned us about the Joe Bidens and black Democrats, who he called “race traitors”. And today we can clearly see he was correct, they don’t even hide it. These mammys have reduced black politics to being on the stroll, giving it up to racists like Michael Bloomberg and Joe Biden, black women with such low self esteem they aligned themselves with the author of the 1994 Crime Bill, responsible for the mass incarceration of black fathers, sons, uncles and nephews… and Kamala Harris who laughed about locking black mothers up, just to see who they were told was representative of them crack the whip. This is what neoliberalism does fam, it preys on broken black women and uses them against the collective.
“Well, if not Democrat, then what?”, I get asked this all the time. The question in itself proves my point. Black people can’t even process life outside the Democrat plantation. They can’t even imagine a black political party that advocates and exclusively looks out for our interests. If something isn’t already built, in their minds it can’t be built. If white folks don’t cosign or provide it for us, then it simply cannot be so. They would rather be part of and rise through the ranks of the oppressive class, than fight the oppressors. This has been black politics since we were granted the right to vote.
What has it gotten us?

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