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Morning fam, Stop trolling Trump and start taking notes. These are teachable moments.

Morning fam,
Stop trolling Trump and start taking notes. These are teachable moments. If you’re still looking at this in terms of Trump or Biden, Democrats or Republicans you’re completely missing the bigger picture, other forces at play and pussyfooting around at a time those of us fighting for black progression should be moving in one accord.

A lot of us are confused… and rightfully so. Mainstream media and social media are censoring allowing one side to be heard. The only time they report Trump is to troll and make light… to distract you from things that are happening rapidly beneath the surface. If you study history, then you understand the significance when certain things happen and when certain things don’t happen. But more important, you recognize when history is repeating itself. And I’m not talking about Gore v Bush or the election of 2000. I’m talking about Amerikkkan history, the history this country was founded upon. The history you’re about to celebrate November 26.

That history began with white folks fighting white folks. White folks who decided they would no longer be governed by the crown. They didn’t vote, then wait for permission from the king. They fought. And died. Until they were free. Then they committed genocide on the natives and enslaved Africans. They were ruthless and unapologetic in their quest… Patriotism. This is what Amerikkka was founded on… and these Trumpers are whether you agree or not, consider themselves today’s patriots. Over 70 million of them, half the voter electorate. And these are not passive voters, they’re not like us, they vote their interests. And they back those interests up with their dollars, votes and even lives.

Biden doesn’t have supporters. Most of Biden voters were voting against Trump, not for Biden. There is no emotional connection. If Biden were to lose today, his movement would be over. Yeah Dems and the media would bitch and moan, but ‘the people’ will have moved on.

Amerikkka is in uncharted territory and no group more so than black people. Whenever Amerikkka reached a critical point, we never had a say. Nobody asked us. Our leaders were not invited to the table… we were simply told what to think and what to do.

Other groups talk about rights, individual rights, state rights… the only rights we know are the Miranda rights. Because we’ve always been told what to think and do… and how to vote, we don’t know our rights… we don’t know when those rights or our votes have been infringed upon. We simply rely on the word from the party of our oppression… but what happens when that party and it’s minions on the left are threatened with being exposed? Do we simply take their word? Do we understand the significance of what that means? Do we do our own independent research or wait to be told what to think and what to do? Too many of us have been conditioned to accept the conditions. Without question. The black vote just proved that. The house is on fire and instead of fleeing in search of safety we’re waiting on the Dem Party who already fled the house to return to save us. That’s what we’re on.

Lemme tell you what groups are on… Trumpers are thinking longterm, well beyond 2020… they’re identifying those who are not loyal… and imposing punishment. They’re building, I put out the call 6 years ago to create our own media and social media after seeing how Ferguson was covered and those of us who were exposing BLM were censored on social media. It didn’t take Trumpers 6 years. 2 weeks after they saw the play they started an exodus off Facebook and Twitter to Parler, a conservative social media platform. And they took on FOX giving it it’s lowest ratings in decades… and they’re not coming back. They moved on to Newsmax, Trump allies are in discussion to buy the network and its app that’s been downloaded over 2 million times since the election. 6 years later I still have to convince black people we need our own… and to fund it.

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