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Morning fam, Still not over, Georgia is still counting, suits that were tossed by Obama appointed judges are being appealed, the Supreme Court is still at play and worse case scenario Donald Trump has a trump card

Morning fam,
Still not over, Georgia is still counting, suits that were tossed by Obama appointed judges are being appealed, the Supreme Court is still at play and worse case scenario Donald Trump has a trump card: Congress where red states outnumber blue, this was Trump’s plan even before the election, this is what he told supporters … and coincidentally how everything is playing out.
Don’t be fooled by mainstream media, partisans or lower court rulings telling you otherwise. Last month they had y’all dancing in the streets. This month they’re still trying to downplay allegations of election fraud while ignoring evidence of fraud. Fam, there are anomalies, irregularities and statistical improbabilities (that in itself in indicative of fraud). The data doesn’t lie fam. A flipped coin doesn’t land on heads 1000 times in a row, no more than every glitch being in Biden’s favor.
There’s video of the same ballots being run 3x, suitcases of ballots being run in the middle of the night after the counting stopped, we were told would resume in the morning and everybody was sent home. Its a mess, more than enough to give Republican legislatures in swing states cover to send their own electors, that’s the goal of this dog and pony show, not necessarily to win in court. This election will be decided by public perception more than anything, on Trump’s playing field. Amerikkka wanted a reality star presidency and guess what? She got it.
That’s just part of it… and while you’re still trying to wrap your head around that, understand this is bigger than Trump. There are much bigger forces at play… the real reason for all the pushback and mischaracterization of him exercising his right to challenge election results. Doing so lifts the curtain and shows how elections have been stolen by both parties using Dominion machines and other methods for years… And ain’t nobody trying to open that Pandora’s box.
Media is complicit, aka the reason for all the antiTrump sentiment and lack of investigative journalism. Instead as Project Veritas released CNN tapes show, its been the exact opposite with news outlets making conscious decisions to invoke fear, comparing Trump exercising his right to challenge to the 911 attack.
All as a means to deflect…. Don’t be distracted. Review election data results and form your own conclusions. Its easy to see when you know what to look for… This is what Trump is exploiting… And they mad, using every tool at their disposal to discredit him, but its too late. People are looking at what they say isn’t evidence and are forming their own conclusions…. The media denying it only plays into Trump’s claims of fake news.
Social media has been just as bad… It’s so one sided…. and censoring hard. Facebook and Twitter are not the arbitrars of truth. They don’t get to dictate what is true or false. They are not all knowing. They do not have independent investigative teams digging for the truth… and they shouldn’t. They provide a service, a platform for the exchange of ideas. They should not be in the business of censoring, discrediting users whose opinions they don’t agree with or like or try to sway pubic opinion. Both have proven since Ferguson they have an agenda.
High stakes chess is being played fam. We are the pawns Dems hide behind to shield themselves from the consequences of their actions. The latest? Framing Trump’s challenges as an attack on black voters. Trump isn’t attacking black voters, he’s pointing out how Dems cheat in Dem run/controlled regions then hide behind the black vote when called on it. Any real investigation would show this to be true, which is why Dems and Republicans who’ve been cheating for years are doing their damnest to keep that from happening.
This doesn’t end with Trump, the hate both sides have for him is the glue that’s holding it all together. We see what a post Trump Dem Party would look like: Biden/Harris shitting on everybody (Symone, Clyburn and the CBC, the squad, progressives, BLM, rappers and black voters). A post Trump Republican party is just as bad, if not worse with 80 million Trump supporters threatening to flee the GOP, that’s half the voting electorate in the last election. 80 million real votes, representing real people. Not suspect ballots from dead voters, illegals and others not legally able to vote.
Trumpers aren’t like us, they’re not gonna stand down, some of these people would die for this man. Let’s say Trump successfully retains the White House, would you be willing to take to the streets to fight for Biden/Harris?
I’ll wait.

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