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Morning fam, Still dancing in the streets?

Morning fam,

Still dancing in the streets? Or is reality sinking in now that Trump survived the initial onslaught by the left and is now playing offense using every trick and tool at his disposal? I told you this wasn’t over, to keep you from being blindsided from ‘the process’, you know ‘the process’? It trumps tradition, no pun intended. The gloves have come off. This is what happens when you change the rules midgame and Dems changed the rules by using covid as a means to push mail in voting… we see what a disaster that was. And what a threat to national security it can be. This is bigger than mail in ballots. And it’s bigger than Trump, even without the allegations of voter fraud, irregularities and glitches.

A lot of y’all see, but don’t want to accept this inconvenient truth… and that’s the problem. The rest of us won’t allow you to return to the normal of burying your heads in the sand. Nor will we ever accept Biden/Harris… but us not doing so isn’t what’s turning public sentiment against them, its the hypocrisy, lies, deception, fear and intimidation tactics by the left, arrogantly thinking what worked on Bernie would work on Trump and what works on negros would work on Trump supporters. In the words of George W Bush, they ‘misunderestimated’ and now find themselves on the defense getting attacked from every angle, even from within at a time they need all hands on deck. Democrats need us to believe in the illusion more now than ever. But we don’t. There will be no unifying behind Biden/Harris.

Chuck Schumer was right when he uttered this on the House floor, “Every day that goes by without the Republican Party acknowledging and accepting the results of the election is another day Americans’ faith in our democracy declines”. It’s been over a week… and it will be weeks before recounts and lawsuits are resolved. Time doesn’t stop in the interim… Dems have no plan, they were so sure the initial onslaught would result in ‘mission accomplished’ they didn’t bother with a plan b or even so much a plan to keep it’s shattered coalition in tact. Now the dances have morphed into chants, “F*** Trump! F*** Biden too! They don’t give af about you”. And it’s only been a week.

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