Morning fam / Nyota Uhura

Morning fam, Obedience gets you nowhere.

Morning fam,

Obedience gets you nowhere. Black boomers are waking to this reality, there is no country for old negros… Playing the good lil negro ain’t gonna save them. For the first time ever they’re are feeling the reprecussions of misleading black masses, sacraficing their children’s future and seeking comforts in the left arm of white supremacy. This is what happens when you ignore the warnings and lessons of MLK, Malcolm, Chairman Fred, Dr Amos Wilson and others and instead listen to the whisperings and sweet nothings of the Democrat Party, white liberals and progressives.

Black people aren’t cursed. We’re not being punished by God. We have been deceived, by our own… the John Lewises, John Clyburns, Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, the Maxine Waters and their ilk, who turned their back on the teachings of the ancestors for inclusion, validation and jobs serving as overseers for the left wing of white supremacy. And black masses have been on a fast paced downward spiral every since… experiencing everything from mass incarceration to increased poverty to the destruction of the black family/communities to police brutality in Dem run and controlled cities. This is the Democrat blueprint for our people from coast to coast. It is not by happenstance that black people are experiencing the same exact issues from NY to Ferguson to Oakland, its called ‘by design’.

The solution isn’t to ‘vote harder’. The solution is not more black faces of white oppression. The solution ain’t ‘black girl magic’, ‘black lives matter’, ‘lift every voice’, kneeling, praying or begging. The solution starts with recognizing how we got here, distancing ourselves from those who led us here and turning against those who still today after all that’s been exposed make a conscious choice to seek comfort and/or work within the left arm of white supremacy thereby contributing to our oppression.

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