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Morning fam, Not only is reality sinking in, it can no longer be ignored. All it took was “But, but but Trump”, “Never Trump” and “Orange man bad” for y’all to turn over the keys to Jim Crow Joe and Top Cop Kamala…

Morning fam,
Not only is reality sinking in, it can no longer be ignored. All it took was “But, but but Trump”, “Never Trump” and “Orange man bad” for y’all to turn over the keys to Jim Crow Joe and Top Cop Kamala… despite his 50 year career of legislating bigotry and antiblackness through policy and her career executing his policies by prosecuting black and brown people to the fullest extent of the law. There are millions of black people still locked up serving life sentences for 3rd strikes as minimal as stealing something of little value.

How any sane, rational person looked at the choices during the election, then chose the dude whose history of antiblackness began before they were even born rather sit this one out is mindboggling. In less than 2 months Biden/Harris reneged on every campaign promise, the exception being those attempting to increase Democrat voters, that’s what’s behind Biden’s immigration bill. And the bill allowing felons to vote, it has nothing to do with Democracy or a sense of fairness and everything to do with replacing black voters who are disengaging from Democrat politics and fleeing the plantation in droves. They trying to sell this to you as “an initial step” in its efforts to “protect the right to vote and ensure all eligible citizens can freely participate in the electoral process.” but in reality they are simply replacing the woke black vote with blacks they incarcerated.

Biden lied about $2000 stimulus checks, the bill passed is for a $1400 stimulus check with 17 fewer Americans being eligible. Played. Trump wanted a big stimulus, remember? He called Congress on it, remember? Nanci Pelosi blocked the legislation until after the election because she didn’t want to give Trump a win, her word not mine, she bragged about this on CNN.

Democrats caved on minimum wage, hiding behind some nonelected member of the Senate who they want you to believe has more power than 50 Dem Senators, and a Dem VP who also serves as the President of the Senate.

Biden? When it came to the stimulus and minimum wage his pen ran out of ink. Nothing by executive order. No executive order for M4A, Trump at least passed his version via executive order to pay for covid testing and treatment.

One thing they were truthful about was refusal to defund the police. They’re increasing funding. And going full body. Look at the mobilization of police in Minneapolis in anticipation of the Derek Chavin trial. Dems control police and the system in Minneapolis yet protesters are still in the streets.

And they’re milking the storming of the Capitol, using it as an excuse to keep DC under seize, erect fences to protect them from us. Soldiers and fences to protect them, from us… nothing for those living in high crime areas, they’re left to fend for themselves. Police don’t protect or serve. Response times are down, if they even come at all. And these ‘reform’ DAs rarely prosecute.

They get this off by colluding with media and big tech censoring anyone who dare challenges their narratives. People are not gonna stand for this… and def not for 4 years. And they won’t be able to hide behind soldiers or fences.

Democrats are no longer the party of the people, they haven’t been for a long time. They’re warmongering, corporatists, oligarchs who exploit the suffering of the masses, create the suffering if need be and make false promises to rally the oppressed to vote against their interests. Democrats have always rallied black people to vote against their interests with little or no consequence but what they’re finding out is that white voters are not responding in the same manner. White voters are exploring other options, building them if they don’t exist. Dem first blacks? Beg and grovel harder.

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