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Morning fam, Look at us surviving 4 years of Trump.

Morning fam, Look at us surviving 4 years of Trump.

Morning fam,
Look at us surviving 4 years of Trump. The sky didn’t fall, the world didn’t end, we’re not at war and none of the gloom and doom scenarios pushed by Dems the last 4 years came into being.

By now you should know the play. They mad Trump turned on them. Bill Clinton encouraged him to run and take our republicans in order to pave a way for Hillary. Trump did that and won and it’s been on every since. This is a fact. Google it.

Dems have been vindictive, spiteful and obstructionists every since Trump got in, using our issues as leverage to make him look bad. There is so much Dems could have done the past 4 to put themselves in position to win today but they didn’t, instead they spent the last 4 years throwing a temper tantrum because their arrogance would not allow them to accept Trump beat them at their own game. And the American people suffered as a result. Dems and Dem apologists will blame Republicans but look outside. Republican’s don’t control the hood. Republicans don’t control police in the hood. It was Dem mayors, county execs, aldermen and city councils that deinvested in black communities and gutted black schools.

It was Dem prosecutors that enforced Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill an the 86 bill that created sentencing disparities between power and crack cocaine. It’s Dems politicizing COVID by refusing to pass a stimulus or extend unemployment benefits or do anything for suffering Americans that Trump could take credit for, Nanci Pelosi said this herself to Wolf Blitzer on CNN and not one local, state or national leader called her out on it. Not even Cori Bush whose spent most of her time since winning the Dem primary cheering, holding pep rallies, pushing blm, black girl magic & all black lies matter while aligning herself with the local black misleadership class.

We’ve been played fam. Most folks don’t want t accept this reality because the solution requires more than going through the motions. The solution requires more than voting and wearing a sticker. And too many are too comfortable, even in their own discomfort. Mofos want change but they don’t want to fight, don’t want to sacrafice… don’t want their lives disrupted or to give up any comforts.

Today those same folks will flock to the poll to vote for more of the same, the people and party whose decades of failures opened the door for Trump, then get mad because he walked through it.

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