Morning fam / Nyota Uhura

Morning fam, It’s black history month and black people are about to be history.

Morning fam,
It’s black history month and black people are about to be history. There is no plan to get us through these unprecedented times. Black leaders at the national, state and local levels don’t have a plan for millions of black constituents dealing with covid, lockdowns, increased poverty, high unemployment, police brutality, high crime or record murders.

Once again black representation has been reduced to rallying negros with performance, symbolism and empty slogans. And when that doesn’t work, fear tactics like this… propping negros in front of the cameras to point the finger at those racists over there, while ignoring racists in the Democrat Party like Joe Biden who’ve been legislating anti-black policies for 47 years, damn near half a century…

Instead they want you to focus on new Rep Marjorie Greene’s rhetoric. Marjorie Greene has been in office barely a month. She didn’t write the 1994 Crime Bill responsible for mass incarceration. She didn’t sign Bill Clinton’s disastrous welfare reform bill that thrust millions of black people into deeper poverty. Marjorie Greene did not refuse to charge Darren Wilson or raise over $10 billion dollars exploiting the murder of George Floyd, black death, pain or trauma. Marjorie Greene did not hold us the stimulus checks in order to make the opposition party look bad during the election.

For all her rhetoric Marjorie Greene did not tell black leaders they better get used to the new ho on the stroll… that was Joe Biden. Yet Marjorie Greene is who these negro puppets of the Democrat Party have chosen to go after instead of holding Jim Crow Joe and Top Cop Kamala accountable for actions committed against black people by the Democrat Party… And this, the mainstream champions as black representation. We have too many negros in position willing to play this role. Cori Bush is a prime example, the first thing she did upon taking office was to affirm Nanci Pelosi as Speaker of the House, then she called Trump a white supremacist during the impeachment vote while ignoring Joe Biden’s 47 year history of bigotry and racist policies against black people. Joe Biden actually called black leaders N words on the Senate floor, look it up. To this day Cori Bush has been mute on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ extensive histories of antiblackness as well as the destruction of Dem run cities like St. Louis… again, this is what white mainstream media, the Dem Party, faux white progressives and the black misleadership class champions as black leadership.

How does any of this change the circumstance or trajectory of black people?

I’ll wait.


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