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Morning fam, I have yet to hear back from any local, state or national black leader about what if anything they’re gonna do about this…

Morning fam,
I have yet to hear back from any local, state or national black leader about what if anything they’re gonna do about this… What can they do, massa Biden has spoken an d black girl magic did not kill or even minimize the sting even as Kamala sat idly by and allowed it all to go down. That’s pretty much the story of black politics since it’s inception… being talked down by bigots, having it cosigned by some mixed raced ‘negro’ and then having it imposed upon us by the very negros that got taken to task. Ain’t much changed in 2020. .. which is why weeks after the election negros are waking up to the very realization that Democrats are gonna Democrat, something Malcolm warned us about, saying they were more racist that Republicans but better at hiding it… given the lack of any real resistance from negro leaders, they no longer bother hiding it.
Now this has been put on blast for the whole world to see, there is no denying the contempt the Dem establishment has for negro leaders, the question we are faced with is do we allow those who Biden whipped up on, to whip up on us… because that’s the only thing that trickles down OR after seeing irrefutable proof, after hearing it from the mouths of Biden and Harris to our face, do we continue continue with this charade that’s getting us nowhere or do we weaponize our politics and build, putting our interests and survival first? It’s unfathomable that in 2020 many of you will choose the former, keep with the status quo, dig in deeper and vote harder. We lack political imagination.
Some of you… bowing down, cowering and yassa bossin is all you know. Others still believe in the American dream despite a lifetime of living in the nightmare. Some of you, because of the debt that is owed, not understanding those who owe the debt and/or are responsible for paying the debt can’t be begged or shamed into paying it, that will take pressure. And force. Notice, I said nothing about violence. These concepts are not one and the same. And no, I’m not going to go into further detail in a Facebook post. I’m not trying to convince you… if you think staying the course as career political opportunists steer us deeper into unchartered waters without a lifeboat, life preserver or even the basic necessities is the play, then by all means go get yourself a front row seat and when the ship goes down, you’ll go down with it. We (me and like minded folks) will be over there watching… on these rafts we made to keep us afloat while the bottom falls out. Instead of allowing others to stand on our shoulders in order to save themselves from drowning, we save ourselves… taking the long overdue first step in black liberation, putting ourselves first.

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