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Morning fam, I don’t celebrate the holiday but there is something I’m thankful for today…

Morning fam,
I don’t celebrate the holiday but there is something I’m thankful for today… seeing another group emerge, not Dems or Republicans, red or blue but people who look at things analytically, who understand nuance and grey areas, who look at facts, numbers and data and not simply take the media’s word… on anything. That gives me hope, The numbers are small, but when we took to the streets in Ferguson those numbers were small too, yet we shook the world and ignited the spark for this era of activism and social unrest.
Election 2020 is bigger than Trump or Biden, this election will show who is really in tune. Woke isn’t voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, I’m sorry it isn’t. Anyone who is truly about change would not vote for the author of the 1994 Crime Bill or it’s harshest enforcer, Kamala Harris. Under any circumstance. Mofos can rationalize all they want, but the reality is they fell for fear and intimidation tactics… to the point they voted for their own oppression. There is no getting around that. The young black vote was down, but the fact that so many black women voted for the man who wrote racist legislation to lock up their sons, brothers, nephews, uncles and fathers… that alone, but to do so just to see a black looking woman in position? Its hard to grapple with that. To see so many older, broken, defeated black voters put their faith in a man who spent 47 years making black life in Amerikkka hell is mindboggling. Our politics is all fucked up. How are we not having this conversation?
Look at what’s happening now… Its been almost a month since the election… a month since y’all were dancing in the streets… because mainstream media anointed Biden and told you it was over. The same mainstream media that told you Michael Brown committed strong arm robbery. The same mainstream media that vilified 12 year old Tamir Rice. The same media that makes billions exploiting black trauma. This media.
At a time both sides are jockeying for position, we’re sitting on the sidelines waiting for whoever is imposed on us. The first time we ever got a say, we’re resigned to waiting for others to sort it out. Where is black media? None of the black voices in the mainstream are breaking this down, instead we get Van Jones, a grown ass man crying. Black leaders are not talking about this, their loyalty is to the Dem Party, not black people. Most of us have no clue what’s happening beyond the headlines, we’re willfully ignorant waiting for it all to be resolved for us, instead of looking at it all from a tactical standpoint, observing and taking notes.
Love or hate Trump, he’s showing us how to fight. Agree or Disagree with Trumpers they’re showing us how to build, they don’t just bend over. When social media started censoring they flocked to their own social media platform. When FOX News no longer served their agenda, they cancelled FOX and moved on to Newsmax. They fund everything. They’re all on code, all parroting the same narrative. All taking on the Republican establishment, willing to battle their own when they get in the way. We don’t do any of that. We bitch and moan, pushback against those fighting against our oppression and take whatever/whoever is imposed upon us. And call this woke.

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