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Morning fam, I don’t believe the vote tallies, too many red flags, too many results that defy logic and common sense

Morning fam,
I don’t believe the vote tallies, too many red flags, too many results that defy logic or common sense starting with the fact that every single state Trump was up election night, some in huge numbers changed for Biden under the cloak of darkness after we were told the counting would stop only to wake up to find not only had the counting not stopped but Jim Crow Joe made yet another come back… the fact that the only areas experiencing these problems are controlled by Democrats, no Republican controlled regions are experiencing similar anomalies. Oh and how about the fact that the states in question are the only ones still receiving ballots, no other states are reporting millions of ballots after the fact. And the most damning, that Republicans picked up seats in the House states Trump lost. And this is just for starters.

Any nonpartisan, nonbiased person who analyzes elections will tell you this is hella suspect. We should all be concerned, this is bigger than Trump, it speaks to the perceived integrity of our democracy. The world is watching, more important we’re watching. And we see who is partaking, who is cosigning, who is hindering transparency and who is sabotaging our system of checks and balances. And there will be consequence.

Those cheering prematurely do not know history, of these Dixiecrats, their attempts to steal elections in the past going back to the days of Lincoln with guess what? Mail in ballots. This is not new, its an old play Dems are trying to execute under the cloak of Covid. Lemme talk about recent history, Jill Stein. It’s no coincidence that her lawsuits for election integrity after the last presidential election were filed, guess where? Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. What are the chances the presidential election 4 years later would come down to these very states?

Then there’s Bernie. Dems screwed Bernie out of the nomination not once, but twice… and fought in court for the right to circumvent the will of Democrat voters in it’s nominating process.

Let’s look at the facts, what we do know… Dixiecrats have a history of cheating with mail in ballots that goes back to the days of Lincoln. They cheated the real nominee, the choice of Dem voters in the last 2 presidential cycles and fought in court for the right to do so. And that the states/regions in question are the same states/regions Jill Stein sued after the last presidential election for similar shenanigans. Oh and lemme throw in Bloomberg openly buying black women leaders during the presidential primary and spending over $100 million to gift wrap the State of Florida for Joe Biden.

This is the party that wants you to forget history and believe in Joe Biden comebacks that defy statistical odds, logic and common sense.



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