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Morning fam, Democrats have really run a number on us. And our leaders have been complicit.

Morning fam,
Democrats have really run a number on us. And our leaders have been complicit. For decades. Yes systemic racism exits. Yes racists exist. But you know what also exists? The exploitation of systemic racism and racists to keep us living in fear and afraid of the boogie man of the moment in order to keep us distracted from the many, many, many ways the Democrat Party, NPIC, faux white progressives, and black misleaders fuck us over.
Most recent, the coordinated fearmongering that began the moment Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Yes, Trump is a brute and is problematic in so many ways, but Trump is every racist boss you ever worked for. And guess what, you survived each one. But you know who didn’t? Every black man sitting in prison today because his third strike was a crime of survival, the result of the 1994 Crime Bill. And black mothers like Cheree Peoples who Kamala Harris locked up because her sick child missed too many days of school due to being hospitalized for sickle cell anemia. Dems don’t talk about that, instead they tell you Trump is responsible for over 200,000 deaths as a result of COVID, nevermind his initial attempts to stifle the virus by blocking travel from China were met with claims of racism, governors and mayors across the country fumbled their response other countries have experienced more deaths and infections per capita… Some countries are experiencing a second spike and under lockdown today despite mask mandates.
Pointing this out is in no way a defense of Trump, it is to say that if we’re going to hold him to a certain standard, then we need to hold those who actually did worse to the same if not higher standard. And with the Dem Party that’s not happening, actually the opposite is happening we’re rewarding the people who make up the system in Dem run cities, don’t hold them responsible for systemic racism or the consequence of decades of disastrous polices that destroyed the black community and black family.
Every issue we’re dealing with in our communities is controlled by Democrats and NPIC. Dems control the police, yet were out in the streets protesting police then going into the voting booth rewarding them with our vote and wondering why we’re still getting slaughtered in the streets. Democrats control economic development yet divest in our neighborhoods allowing them to turn into urban blighted warzones. Democrats control our school systems, yet our schools remain unequal. Democrats have completely divested in us replacing policy with charity funneling billions that could go towards changing our circumstance into white nonprofits and the black clergy whose budgets increase the worse our condition gets.
The solution isn’t what you have been led to believe… it isn’t voting harder, chasing politicians trying to hold them accountable after getting your vote or trying to change the party from the inside. It’s weaponizing our politics and leveraging our votes as a tactic, while we build and explore alternatives. And no, this isn’t an end all but it makes more sense than voting for the same failed leaders, lessor evils or protester/activists turned elected leaders that are used by the party to make us feel we have a dog in the fight.
The world is changing fam and we have to change. Yes systemic racism exists and yes racists exist, the solution is not to bury ourselves deeper, the solution is to minimize the ways those things impact us while we build and explore alternatives. And that starts with acknowledging and dealing with it internally. We can’t effectively fight the external battle until we win the internal battle. That’s our battle, not fighting to save the Dem Party or black misleadership class.

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