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Morning fam, Before I begin, lemme issue a coupla disclaimers…

Morning fam,
Before I begin, lemme issue a coupla disclaimers…
If you weren’t fucking with me when I first exposed BLM, meaning if you distanced yourself, went ghost or unfriended me because of my advocacy, or if you caped, made excuses or continued to rock with BLM after being exposed to the truth and/or are now mute, trying to hide, duck and dodge having to respond to the years and years of fuckery you sat by and watched, I’ma need you to keep that energy as this all unravels.

To those who are just becoming aware, I would like you caution you about grifters abandoning ship, trying to reinvent themselves, some even aligning themselves with families to cloak their own complicity and culpability.

To movement folks… many of you sat and watched the biggest atrocity imposed on the black community since the 1994 Crime Bill … and did nothing. Black activists watched this grift org exploit dead black people, rob black families of justice and allow the Dem Party, NPIC and special interests to fundraise of black death and trauma… on the off chance you might get a come up or a few dollars throw your way. Fuck you.

Allies… many of you claiming to be allies either turned a blind eye or are down with these predatory orgs that come into our communities and exploit our issues for grants and bigger budgets. A lot of you have made careers out of this. Fuck you too.

I was the first to expose BLM… and I did so at a time it was not popular and came with huge consequence. Darren Seals joined me, we got a lot of push back, we were vilified, ostracized, had our lives threatened. Darren was murdered in the process. I’m putting this out there because today everybody and their momma got something to say, none of these people were there in the beginning, they weren’t in Ferguson when BLM touched down, they don’t know how certain forces came together to conspire against the movement… all they know is the money didn’t go to the black community, who doesn’t know that now? And the money is the tip of a big assed iceberg.

The bigger story is how the Dem Party, NPIC, special and corporate interests conspired to hijack what we started, switch the narrative/focus from murdered black people to lgbtq, feminist and immigration issues fund Dem candidates pushing those issues on the exploitation of dead black bodies. This is bigger than chapters and organizers not getting a cut of money raised off dead black people.

This is about how elected leaders, corporations, nonprofits and black misleaders conspired to rob black families, the back community and this movement of justice, how they siphoned money meant for the grassroots to help us in our quest into their own coffers, leaving us destitute and unable to fight back. This is about an org/appointed personalities backed by government, corporate forces and multimillion dollar whit nonprofits playing black people as dirty as the system we’re fighting.

It should come as no surprise Patrisse Cullors’s response to Mike Brown Sr was pretty much fuck you. Or that Shaun King interjected himself into Samaria Rice v Tamika Mallory to defend the grifter, not the mother whose 12 year old son was murdered , then had his death exploited to raise millions, none of which went to pursue getting him justice. This is the same Shaun King that faced his own allegations of stealing money, raised ironically on behalf of Tamir Rice. The same Shaun King that would still be a Daily Kos blogger had Darren Wilson not murdered Mike Brown.

This shit is disgusting.

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