Morning fam / Nyota Uhura

Morning fam, At this point its on us. What happens now, is on us.

Morning fam,
At this point its on us. What happens now, is on us. We can either be guided by emotion and tradition and stay the course and continue waiting for the Dem establishment machine, faux white progressives and the black misleadership class to build our black utopia OR we can build it ourselves.

Miss me with the “Hows” and “What does that look like?”. Its called vision, either you have it or you don’t. If you can’t vision a better world for black people, then you’re not gonna be able to create one. You cannot create what you can’t envision. Building 101.

Our problem is lack of visionaries, strategists and problem solvers in key positions. Instead we have mascots, puppets, celebs and Democrat loyalists, negros who are financially, emotionally and psychologically dependent on the very systems they claim to be fighting. Negros who value symbolism over tangibles, black faces in high places over a black agenda. And validation over reparations.

Look at Trumpers… they’re not asking how or what does that look like, they’re building. Look those who benefited Day 1 from Biden’s EOs…. at undocumented immigrants… when they fled their countries with nothing but the clothes on their backs and made the pillage, they didn’t wait for someone to roll out a red carpet.

This is a no-brainer. What makes it especially mindboggling is the refusal to build by those who have the most to lose, naively thinking their lil stash will save them, that good job will save them or their position within the system of white supremacy will save them. It won’t. Money didn’t save Snoop when Susan Rice came for him. That good job can be snatched away at any time. That home they worked so hard for… under water, depreciating in value due to urban blight, decreasing property values. Poor people can bounce, those with the most to lose are trapped in a nightmare of their own creation watching the sand sift through the hourglass. It’s only a matter of time.

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