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Morning fam, Again, what now?

Morning fam,
Again, what now? Still waiting for a response from voteps and ‘my ancestors died so I can vote’ negros, what is the gameplan now that voting without getting anything in exchange has been proven not to work. Where my intersectionists, now that putting another group in position to pass you has been proven counter productive? Where my ‘gonna move Joe Biden to the left’ black progressives now that Joe has shown he’s not moving to the left, but moving to the right and reaching out to Republicans, not progressives or negros. Your silence is deafening… and trolling Trump is not a solution. Trolling Trump is not a defense. Trolling Trump isn’t a get out of jail free card, it doesn’t absolve Dems from the environment they created that produced him and it isn’t a gameplan for moving forward, so again, what is the plan?
There is no plan. And negros are out here celebrating ‘the loss’ of the one wall that stood between them and us. With Trump out of the way, they will turn their venom back on us. They’re not even in yet and Jim Crow Joe already pimp slapped the hell out of these civil rights negros, telling them to their faces that their days are numbered, that Hispanics will soon outnumber us, he got a new hoe on the stroll and we better get used to it.
Plantation politics has run its course. The political landscape is changing, the world is changing… we have to change, evolve, move away from what doesn’t work and create what will. We don’t need permission. Our survival isn’t predicated on a vote.

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