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Morning fam, A lot of folks claim to be woke, but what is woke?

Morning fam,
A lot of folks claim to be woke, but what is woke? Woke is subjective. What I’ve found is that most people who claim to be, really aren’t. Woke isn’t simply being aware, it is acting upon that awareness and that’s where 99.5% of the people claiming to be woke fall short… not acting upon the awareness, going along, burying their heads in the sand and in many cases engaging in, allowing and applauding the very behavior they’re supposed to be fighting in their wokeness.

This movement is a prime example, if mofos were as really woke as they claim, Black Lives Matter wouldn’t be allowed to exploit the murders of black men police, fundraise off their deaths then use the millions raised to fund antiblack Democrat candidates and issues… or to create a path to citizenship for our replacements.

If mofos were as woke as they claim, they would recognize game and the many, many, many ways the Dem Party, corporate interests and NPIC weaponize/politicize even romanticize issues to bamboozle us into supporting their interests and our own oppression… and have us cheering it as a win in the process. Then reality sets in, nothing changes or if there is change, its for the worst. The same mofos start crying at the realization they were a jumpoff and everybody moved on after running a train. They get up, straighten their wig and get back out on the stroll.

That has been this movement the past 7 years, pimping and whoring under the guise of black lives mattering.

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