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MONEY MOTIVATION “Episode 5- Appreciating vs Depreciating Assets”

The MONEY MOTIVATION PODCAST is an UNSCRIPTED VIEW INTO THE GAME OF BUSINESS & MONEY where we eavesdrop on conversations with some of the country’s preeminent business  & financial minds. Episode 5 features guests, MARC RANGER, founder of Money Motivation and Executive VP at a Fortune 300 company, along with MICHAEL SUTTLAR II, Chief Investment Officer at SC Capital Management (Commodities & FOREX Trader).  Both gentlemen are highly respected in their industries, so tune in as host, Montoya Smith aka Black Socrates delves into how they think about creating wealth for themselves, their families, and future generations, no matter the economic realities surrounding them.  We ask both of our guest to detail obtaining a successful ASSETS and how they approach splurging on DEPRECIATING ASSETS differently after becoming financially sound. You’ve never heard money talk like this; it’s time to get in the game. “Don’t chase the bag, attract the bag” #IAmTheHustle 



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