Masquerade: State Repression Vs Public Health


1:30 Intro (and musical mayhem!)
2:11 Quarantine broadcast plan
4:45 Today’s Topic: clearing the air on the Rona
6:00 The virtue of conscious skepticism (Perfect Paranoia for Total Awareness)
9:30 Suspicion is inadequate to spread your beliefs
10:28 What is a Pandemic? (it’s open to interpretation)
14:41 book suggestions on ethno-specific disease
17:41 Don’t let the reality of manufactured pandemics drive you to the point of rejecting basic health practices
21:15 Bio-weaponization is real (know the signs)
•22:14 Targetable
•25:51 Deployable Remedy
•26:49 Target Pop. must pose a threat
27:43 Large scale moves have agendas (eugenics and capitalist pop. control)
29:27 Disaster capitalism
30:19 Bro. Diallo conclusion on the legitimacy of the Rona
35:29 Taking appropriate precautions (studying public Heath & epidemiology)
•38:13 Anecdote on TB outbreak & public health PSAs at Riker’s Island
•*43:08 Why you SHOULD wear a mask (viruses & vectors)
50:49 Synopsis
55:55 Bro Diallo wants us to live (and groooooove)
Breakdown by Kwadjo Danso
#BroDiallo #COVID19 #BlackHealth #Pandemic #Racism #PublicHealth #MaskOn


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