Lil Nas X Continues to Push Envelopes and Buttons ~ What’s the Agenda? | Dr. Rick Wallace

Dr Rick Wallace

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Lil Nas X Continues to Push Envelopes and Buttons ~ What’s the Agenda? | Dr. Rick Wallace
Video released of Lil Nas X twerking naked in a prison setting. This is so much more than a gay agenda.

Grandma’s Secrets w/ Dr. Rick Wallace hosted by Emunah Y’sra ~ Dr. Wallace Drops in on Emunah!
I actually came in at the end of this discussion, but it definitely got interesting along the way. I want to thank Emunah Y’sra for inviting me.

The Need to Build Strong Black Men ~ Socializing Black Boys ~ Building Men! | Dr. Rick Wallace

Black Men Lead Vision
The Black Men Lead movement was birthed from a desire to inspire black men to abandon their natural proclivity to compete with one another in lieu of standing together in unity. One of the greatest impediments moving against black progression is the lack of black male leadership. Somewhere along the way, black men chose to abdicate their roles as leaders, providers, protectors, and coverings for those in their homes and communities. Self-aggrandizement became the new order of the day, and the finger-pointing began.

The Core Principles Taught at the Black Men Lead rite of passage initiative. “The Black man is exceptional beyond measure, but he must be willing to see beyond his conditions and the opinions of others to discover his potential to be great and to achieve extraordinary feats. He must never accept mediocrity and failure as a part of his destiny, instead choosing to write his own narrative. When he becomes committed to fulfilling his greatness, there is absolutely nothing that can stop him.” A Black man…

1. Never harms, mistreats, or disrespects a Black woman (including females of all ages)
2. Takes care of his progeny (offspring)
3. Always has control of his emotions
4. Works so that he can provide for his family
5. Strives to build wealth for his family and offspring
6. Understands the importance of ownership of businesses and property
7. Is always in a state of learning and growing
8. Takes responsibility for his own actions
9. Seeks wisdom and knowledge from men in great situations and conditions
10. Abides by a standard of excellence — never settling
11. Never makes excuses for his failures — making the necessary adjustments to overcome them

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