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Last thoughts on Amy Barrett…

Last thoughts on Amy Barrett… Again, Dems have no one to blame but themselves. Obama could have named Scalia’s replacement, but instead he left it as a gift for President Hillary Clinton and we see how that turned out, Hillary lost and Trump named Kavanaugh to the court. Miss me with the Republicans wouldn’t have let him, that’s why we fight fam,. because nobody’s gonna ‘let’ you do shit. You fight, and if you lose you lose. You don’t NOT fight because you’re afraid of losing. You can’t win if you don’t fight. #LessonsFromUnderdogs Obama cowered in the fight for Merrick, in the same situation Trump is imposing his will.

Dems had another opportunity with RBG who was in failing health for years. She should have been asked and if need be pressured to resign during Obama’s stint. Instead she held the party hostage with her refusal to give up power, even when her health dictated otherwise. That wasn’t the act of an esteemed jurist, that was the act of a woman so consumed with power she put her own personal power before the best interests of party and the country and sat until she died on the court. That’s not noble, that’s selfish.

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