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Is A Man A Provider If He Pays Half The Bills?

 In American society and around the world traditionally men have been expected to be the BREADWINNER, if not the SOLE PROVIDER, for their families.  As the WOMEN’S RIGHTS movement grew legs in the 1950’s more American women entered the workforce and the traditional role of the man as the provider has been challenged ever since. Some suggest this issue of being the sole provider has have never applied within the BLACK COMMUNITY since the Black woman has been working alongside the Black man since enslavement.  Others argue the cycle of SINGLE PARENTS homes has produce a generation of AFRICAN-AMERICAN men who no longer look to be PROVIDERS within the family unit. Special guests COACH DEMECOS & YIEH SASAEKPO drop by to give their very different perspectives on the role of a man as a provider.  What if the woman makes more? Can the man’s ego handle it? Will she truly respect him? MENTAL DIALOGUE asking the questions America’s afraid to ask.  ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU THINK 

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